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Author Coaching

Author coaching is designed to help an author along their journey of publishing a book. Coaching covers any and all  processes of writing, publishing, promoting, advertising, and launching a book.

Our coaching is designed with you in mind. We customize our coaching to fit our clients needs regardless of where an author is in their writing career. 

Some of the areas we focus on is goal setting, budgeting, publishing strategy, marketing, and promotion.  It doesn't matter if you haven't published a book or you have published many books, we can help.

We offer private and group coaching. Click the link below to learn more about which type of coaching is right for you. 


I Need Coaching!

What is Author Coaching?

Kim offers private and group coaching designed to walk you through writing, publishing, promoting, advertising and launching your book.

How Can I Help?

Publishing and Promoting a book isn't easy.  It's not a simple as just writing a book. There are many steps and processes involved in writing, publishing, and promoting a book.
I will walk you through the process so that you don't make mistakes. 

What Can I Expect?

To learn the process and strategies necessary to successfully publish, promote, and launch your book.

Weekly coaching will be provided by Kim in both the private and group coaching setting



Do You Want To Learn More About Private Coaching?

If you are ready to take your writing dream seriously, click the button and let's get started turning your idea into a successfully published book. Contact Kim today to schedule your free strategy session and to learn more about private coaching.

Helping authors turn an idea into a successfully published book.



Would You Like To Learn More About Group Coaching?

Click below to learn about group coaching as well as all the benefits and freebies


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