Tips for getting started writing your book.

So, you want to write a book but you don't know where to start. This blog post is for you.  Here are some tips to help get you started.

Before you decide to write think about who you are writing for? Think about the audience. Who are the readers you want to attract and what type of content are they interested in reading. Not only is this is important for writing strategy it is also important for marketing strategy and marketing starts the day you start writing your book. 

What are your goals:

  • Do you want to entertain (fiction)?
  • Do you want to help others (non-fiction)?
  • Do you want to educate others (non-fiction)?
  • Do you want to share your story (memoir/non-fiction/self-help)>

Once you have set your initial goals now it's time to get started with brainstorming

Start thinking of ideas/topics you want to write about and put them on paper. It doesn't matter what the idea is, write them all down. If you don't have any idea, write that you don't know what you want to write about until something comes to mind.  

Once you have determined your topic it's time to start an outline. If you are writing a fiction novel the best way to outline or plot your book is by using the hero's journey.  I'll be doing a post on the hero's journey at a later date. You can also use the hero's journey when writing a memoir and you are the hero of your story.

If you are writing non-fiction, a great way to online is to use the sticky note method.  This is where you write down your ideas on sticky notes. A great way to start this method is to come up with three main topics and then beneath each topic on separate sticky notes, add subtopics. Ultimately this can become your full chapter outline which makes writing even easier. 

Once you are ready to write, it is time to create a production schedule. Set weekly goals, to complete word counts each week so that you stay on track with getting your book completed on time. 

Finally, there is only one way to write your book and that is your way. Don't stress over craft or technical writing. It will only drag you down and hinder your creativity.  So just start writing your book.  

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