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It’s my first blog post for Best Seller Bound!

For my first blog post, I wanted to let you know what to expect What I am currently working on-

when reading this blog. My purpose in doing this blog is to share valuable content related to writing as well as publishing and promoting books. I am very excited about the fact that I will be featuring guest bloggers from all kinds of writing backgrounds. I will also be sharing with you information pertaining to my coaching, courses, and workshops that I will be offering. Plus, I will be providing information on the books I am publishing.


About Kim McPherson 

Kim McPherson is a highly published romance author and writing/publishing consultant. Her resume includes 13 published books with 8 currently available on the purchase. Over the past year, Kim has focused on expanding her consulting practice to help emerging authors navigate the world of writing and publishing. She has successfully advised authors in multiple genres, ranging from business to self-help.

Her goal is to empower and guide other women along their writing journeys. Kim strives to assist all authors that love to write and to give back in the process.

She organizes and hosts a monthly writing meet-up for local authors at no charge. After struggling with publishing her first book, Kim realized there was a need for consultants and mentors in the writing field.

This led her to form her company, Women Who Want To Write. Her driving force is to empower women through words so they may empower others through their words. 

In October and November 2019, Kim led seminars at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock for Writing, Publishing, and Promoting Your Book.  In February 2020, Kim will be leading the same seminar at the University of Central Arkansas. 


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