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Chase Turner

To say that the success of my debut book “T.R.I.A.L.S. : A Journey from Anxiety to Peace” would not be possible without Kim’s help would be an exaggerated understatement! 

After writing the book, I was on my own.  I reached out to Kim for some help with selling the book on Amazon.  I had no idea the ride we were about to go on. 

My original goal was to get the book into the hands of about 50 people.  I really didn’t think it would reach out that far and 50 would have been success in my eyes and in the eyes of most authors.  Within the first quarter, over 1,000 books were ordered and it was ranked inside the top 12,000 books out of over 22 million books on Amazon!! 

I would like to take credit for this but Kim was the force behind this crazy success.  From her help with the book release (which led to some awesome speaking engagements), her knowledge of Amazon, book signings, strategic planning with advertising and marketing prowess, she is an incredible asset to anyone who is looking to write a book and anyone who has already written a book. 

I have recommended her coaching services to all the authors I know and they have been blessed as I have.  If you are looking for someone to put the spotlight on your writing and watch your book take off, you should definitely reach out to Kim and get ready for a wild ride!  Success is on the other side of her coaching you to achieving your dreams as an author!

Sharon Keathley


Writing a book may have been a tiny seed somewhere in the back of my mind, but if so, it was deeply planted. But while listening to Kim McPherson discuss the amazing opportunities available as a self-publisher, that seed started to grow.  I love mysteries and have had so many experiences with patients that I often can relate those experiences to stories that need to be told. With Kim’s encouragement, I have been able to creatively bring one of those experiences to life! I had no goals, no ideas, not expectations of where “Colors of Deceit” may go, whether it would ever actually get published or not, but lo and behold, it has been!  Kim has been amazing in assisting with all the techy stuff that I would never have been able to pursue on my own.  She has walked me though every step of the way, from writing, editing, marketing, publishing, and even creating ads and advertising. Her courses outline step by step what needs to be done and in what order.  Colors of Deceit has now been published but I know the best is yet to come!!  I have recommended Kim’s coaching services to everyone I know.  With Kim’s guidance your work is sure to be Best Seller Bound!

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