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Missa Hollis Brizendine

"Everyone has a story to tell! Kim is incredible and knowledgeable about teaching others how to put their story on paper!! Highly recommend!!"

Donna Bishop

"I am so thankful Kim has come into my life. I have always wanted to write for most of my life. After meeting with Kim I am exploding with excitement at writing my book! She has given me the confidence to move forward by answering so many questions I never had answers to. Where do I start? How does one write a book? What do we do after we write it? Can I really get published? How do I protect myself legally from possible repercussions? Any many more answers! Thank you Kim for bringing the book out of me and helping me put it to paper!"

Whitney Hickerson

"Don't waste your time and money trying to "wing it" with your book publishing. Do it right the first time and let Kim walk you through the exact steps to successfully create, publish, and market your book!"


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